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Is Gatorade Better Than Powerade?

Is Gatorade better than Powerade? The Gatorade Powerade comparison is a question a lot of people have asked, including my son who is really into sports drinks at the moment. So is Gatorade or Powerade better, well I know what my answer to that question, but I will save it for the end of this article. First lets go through again what Gatorade and Powerade are used for and then what I found important, the SUGAR content!

Gatorade Sports Drink

Lets start with the oldest and most well known of the two, Gatorade Sports Drink. In the 1960s Gatorade was created to help the Florida Gators Football team stay hydrated. The coaches of the football team became concerned when they noticed a a lot of players were getting ill due to dehydration, due to playing in the hot sun. They expressed their concern to Dr Robert Cade, who then developed a drink that could replace crucial electrolytes and carbohydrates so the players could stay properly hydrated. I read that the original batches of Gatorade tasted so terrible it actually made the players throw up, but eventually they got the flavor right.

There are various types of Gatorade sport drinks on the market today, but for the the sake of time I will just go through the most popular two. The original Gatorade sports drink and G2 sports drink are the two that I find most people I know consuming.  I never really liked the taste of them and I didn’t start seeing them around the house until my son started playing on a flag football and basketball team.  The coaches would always bring coolers full of ice cold mini bottles of Gatorade for the boys. I thought it was so nice of them, especially since the boys would practice in the hot Texas sun. I knew it was so important for athletes to hydrate after an intense practice outdoors and Gatorade contained the needed carbohydrates and electrolytes that they would need to refuel and re-hydrate, and I figured it was fine to drink.  Then my son started getting bad stomach aches and began not feeling well, and I started noticing it was happening after he drank Gatorade. Now I will throw out there my son’s stomach is on the sensitive side so he does get effected by somethings that would not effect most kids. Nevertheless, I had him stop drinking Gatorade, especially after I read the ingredients in Gatorade.  Gatorade contains 35 grams of sugar in every 20 fl oz drink! Right then and there I knew that was why my son had been getting an upset stomach.  Next comes Gatorade G2 sport drink, the newer lower sugar content version of the original Gatorade sports drink. A 12 fl oz bottle of Gatorade G2 contained only 7 grams of sugar, which was much better than the original Gatorade. So my son asked to try G2, he didn’t get as bad of a stomach ache with it, but he didn’t really care for the flavor. So what to try now? Is Powerade better?

Powerade Sports Drink

In 1988 a new sports drink was introduced to rival Gatorade and it became the official sports drink of the Olympics. What is this you ask, well it is none other than Powerade sports drink.  This was the Coca-Cola company’s version of Gatorade. Powerade sports drink formula was basically the same as Gatorade’s in that it was a sports drink that replaces electrolytes and carbohydrates lost after vigorous outdoor exercise. The difference they boasted was that Powerade added Vitamin B3,B6 and B12 which improves energy production and distribution in the body. I then decided to take a look at the sugar content in Powerade and it again, like Gatorade was high with 35 grams in a 20 fl oz bottle! Powerade also has their Powerade ZERO sports drink which as the label advertises, 0 grams of sugar. It also contains the B3, B6 and B12 vitamins just like the original Powerade. Again my son tried Powerade and Powerade ZERO and did not care for them either, ironically he thought they tasted too sweet!

Are Gatorade and Powerade Bad?

So are Gatorade and Powerade bad for you? Well honestly I feel that is up to each individual to decide as we all have different views on what we fell is ok to eat or drink. I can tell you that I feel Gatorade sports drink and Powerade sports drink are really only good in an as needed situation. Most of us do not need to drink either of these unless we are extremely active and/or doing a lot of strenuous activity outdoors. Due to the high sugar content, drinking either Gatorade or Powerade when our bodies do not need it actually contributes to weight gain. Also depending on the flavor some of these also contain various food dyes like Red No.40, Blue No.1 and Yellow No.5. I am sure you have all read or heard about how these food dyes are very bad for you and can increase hyperactivity in children as well as have been linked to cancer.

Best Sports Drink

So what you may ask do I use for a sports drink? Honestly water is and always will be the best thing for you, but I also understand that water gets boring and sometimes you want something that has some flavor as well as need some kind of electrolyte replacing sports drink. Well I remedied that problem by switching to Advocare Rehydrate.  I was introduced to Advocare Rehydrate by my sister in law who sells Advocare products, she told me it was a healthier alternative to Gatorade and Powerade sports drinks.  I decided to give it a try and Red Raspberry was the lucky flavor I chose. My kids and I really liked the flavor, it wasn’t too sweet and didn’t taste like “flavored sweat”, which is what my kids would say about Powerade and Gatorade. Advocare Rehydrate Red Raspberry had the low sugar content I was wanting, of 6 grams and contained no food dyes, it was actually colored with beet root.  For me Advocare Rehydrate was a bonus all around! My kids now ask for it and have had fun this summer making refreshing Advocare Rehydrate popsicles with various types of fruit added in. Now you can’t do that with Gatorade or Powerade! So I found Advocare Rehydrate to be better than Gatorade and Powerade.

Since I loved Advocare Rehydrate so much I did sign up to be a distributor, mainly for the really good discount you receive. If you are interested in trying Advocare Rehydrate, and it does come in other flavors, or would like to order any other Advocare products you can click here.  To order Advocare online you can also go directly to my website at

Thank you so much for reading my article and I hope it was a bit helpful for you in deciding what type of sports drinks you might be looking for.


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