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Drop App Review – Yes It Actually Works!

UPDATE: I am posting a screenshot of my account (sorry its a little blurry) to show you that this FREE app really does work! I have earned almost 6000 points for doing NOTHING! I can redeem this for a $5 gift card to various merchants or keep saving for a bigger reward!!  Get 1000 free Drop points on me! Use my code 6sekm to start earning cash rewards.

Ok, I am not one to jump on the bandwagon and use these type of money back apps, I have this fear of everything being a gimmick. Imagine my surprise when this app actually worked and worked quick, so I wanted to share my Drop app review.
I stumbled across this app called Drop, which was promising money back for just doing your regular shopping. I was skeptical but decided I would try it, I mean it was free, what did I have to lose. So, I jumped in and downloaded the Drop app.  After I downloaded the app I was asked to choose five of my favorite brands from a list including Starbucks, McDonald’s, Amazon, Target, Walgreens, Trader Joes, Wal-Mart, 7-11, and much more. I also received weekly offers based on my shopping habits from other merchants where I could earn even more points. I did need to link my debit and/or credit card to the app to start earning rewards. I know some people do not like to to link their cards, myself included, but I did some digging and found Drop uses 256-bit bank-level encryption so all your data is protected.
Once I had my cards connected, I began earning points every time I bought my groceries. There was no need to take out my cell phone or type in a loyalty number, my points were earned automatically. The first time I used it, I earned 1200 points on $100 grocery bill of mine, and it posted to my account in less than an hour! I was curious to see how many points it took to start reaping the benefits and to be able to pick out a gift card, because usually that’s where they get you! I was surprised to see that it only took 5000 points to get a $5 gift card, and the increments increased from there.  Once you’ve earned enough points to redeem a gift card, you’ll be sent an e-mail. Also when you want to redeem your gift cards, you’re not limited to the five brands you chose, there are a ton of additional options and merchants available for you to choose from.

So all in all I think this is a really cool app, and it seems to work pretty well. If you love earning FREE money, who doesn’t, than I recommend you give Drop a try.  I mean what do you have to lose, it’s FREE!

Click HERE to get the FREE Drop app and enter code:  6sekm to get 1000 points instantly added to your account without spending a cent!

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