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Best Rated Cooling Towel – Beating The Summer Heat

I don’t know about you but every summer I am always trying to find the best cooling products, and this summer has been no exception. I live in Texas, where we are currently experiencing a heat wave that is out of control. We are talking about temps of 105 to 107! When it is that hot outside it is imperative that you keep your internal body temperature down or you can suffer from heat exhaustion which can be very dangerous for anyone. One of the ways I cool down, and so do ALOT of people that live in my neighborhood are using a cooling towel. I am sure you have heard of them or seen people with them draped around their neck. Some cooling towels can stay cold for hours, but with so many out there what are the best rated cooling towels? I have done reviews on three, of the best rated cooling towels, and the differences they have.

Chill Pal The Original PVA Cooling Towel


This was one of the first original cooling towels out there on the market. These are a popular neck cooling towel and are rated well on Amazon. Chill Pal says the secret of their cooling towels are they are made form high grade, extra thick PVA (polyvinyl-alcohol) with evaporative cooling technology. To use the towel you soak it in cold water, wring it out and then “snap” the towel to activate. The Chill Pal Cooling Towel stays cool for around 2 hours, but you can run water through it as many times as you want to make the cooling activation last longer. The one thing that I read that people don’t like is that this towel dries hard, which is basically what all cooling towels do that are made with PVA. The Chill Pal cooling towel is made in a variety of colors, is 12 x 32 inches long and comes in an on the go pouch for easy storage.  A huge benefit of the Chill Pal Original Cooling Towel is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Chill Pal Multi Style Cooling Band

This is another cooling product made by Chill Pal that I have not tried, but has very good reviews. I really like the concept of this cooling band, you don’t have to hassle with tying it like you do with the towel. The Chill Pal Cooling Band makes it easy for you to wear around your neck, as a headband, face cover, hair cover or as a full ninja mask. What is nice about this Cooling Band is that it comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can look a little more stylish as you are cooling off.

Alfamo Cooling Towel


These cooling towels are my personal favorite. They come in 4 different sizes 33×11, 40×12, 47×14 and 60×29, which make these cooling towels very useful for cooling small or large areas as well as making it easy to tie them if you wanted. To activate this cooling towel you do it the same way as the one I mentioned above, by soaking in cold water, wringing out and snapping to activate.  The main difference between the Alfamo cooling towel and Chill Pal cooling towel is that the Alfamo cooling towel is made with hyper-evaporative breathable mesh that stays soft and pliable when it drys, as opposed to drying hard like the cooling towels made with PVA. The Alfamo Cooling Towel has a 3 hour chill time, offers UPF 50 sunscreen protection, comes with a carrying pouch, and just like the Chill Pal Cooling Towel comes with a Lifetime Guarantee.

In conclusion, if you do not want your cooling towel to dry hard, be too thick or you want more size options, then I recommend trying the Alfamo Cooling Towels. If none of what I mentioned bothers, you then I would try the Chill Pal Cooling Towel, more specifically the Chill Pal Multi Style Cooling Band. I hope after reading these reviews you will be able to pick out the best cooling towel for you, remember both of these cooling towels and cooling bands come with a lifetime warranty and you can never go wrong with that. So what are you waiting for, give one a try!


  1. Jeremy Sehler says

    Thank you this really helped me figure out what type of cooling towel to buy! I was looking for a large one.

  2. Tanya Horchak says

    Appreciate this info. I was just at a store looking at some of these and was curious about the difference. Very helpful!

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