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A LUST-fully Jasmine Scent by LUSH

I consider myself a pretty low maintenance mom, actually strike that, I am VERY low maintenance! I have no doubt I need to improve in that area of my life and I am sure my would husband agree, but I digress.  Anyway, growing up in Colorado where less is more and the “natural” look is in, its been hard for me to really get into makeup and every single new beauty product that hits the market. I will say though, when I DO find something I like, then you know I REALLY  like it and I am loyal to it forever. Since my blog has a “my favorite things” category, I felt it only appropriate to list my absolute favorite scent.

Years ago I was shopping around at a LUSH store in Texas, those of you that don’t know what LUSH is, it is the most AH-MAZ-ING natural bath and body store ever and I highly recommend checking them out (  As I was surveying all of the pretty handmade soaps and fresh facial masks, I decided to head over to the fragrance area. I proceeded to spray one on my arm, took a big whiff and my senses were immediately taken up by a whirlwind of yummy jasmine. This delicious sent was the best jasmine perfume I had ever smelled, and it was appropriately named Lust, I bought a bottle on the spot. The smell made me feel confident, pretty and flirty and for a product to make low maintenance me feel like that was pretty outstanding. I have been wearing Lust ever since and I always get multiple complements from random women and men telling me how good I smell and asking me what I was wearing. It always makes me feel so good when that happens, especially since I’m usually wearing yoga pants with a messy pineapple hair-do when it happens. HA!

Notes in Lust

Lust is made up of  Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla and Sandalwood.  The jasmine pretty much carries on throughout the whole fragrance, but the rose and ylang ylang subtly come through. The base notes of Lush are vanilla and sandalwood which tones the sweetness of the jasmine down a bit. It is hard for me to completely describe in writing how Lush smells, but this review I found pretty much hits the nail on the head.

“I love wearing it in winter, when it clings to the collar of my leather jacket and makes it smell like luxury and danger at all once (does anyone make a jasmine/leather perfume? because I’d be all over that); and I love wearing it in high summer, which is of course jasmine’s natural habitat. Lust blooms spectacularly, almost obnoxiously, in the heat and is in my opinion the quintessential “sultry summer night out” perfume.”

So there you go, if you like jasmine, are looking for a perfume that makes you feel sexy and that you can wear year round then Lust by LUSH is your new perfume. You can fine Lust at LUSH store or at It comes in a spray bottle as well as in a small solid perfume, which I carry EVERYWHERE with me in my purse!

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