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Black Seed Oil for Allergies – A Natural Solution for Allergy Symptoms

Black Seed Oil For Allergies – The Curse Of Allergies and Hay Fever

Since moving to Texas my family and I have suffered with horrible allergies! My poor son gets so miserable, it can almost be hard to look at him as he is constantly itching his eyes. When his symptoms get bad it can even start effecting his performance in school.   As any mom knows you are willing to do anything to help your child when they are suffering, and I am no exception to that. I am always on the hunt for a new natural allergy remedy for my son.  I have also tried most every over the counter medication to find some relief for my son, but none of them seem to work very well. Most of these medications have negative side effects such as drowsiness and can cause withdrawal symptoms, which I really dislike and is another reason I am looking for natural relief. In one of my searches I found an article about Black Seed oil for allergies and how effective it was.

Hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis is the most common reaction to pollen allergens that lead to miserable symptoms like red, itchy, watery eyes, stuffy nose, itchy throat and non-stop sneezing.  What is so frustrating, there is no confirmed cure for hay fever so most sufferers use medication for symptom relief.  During my research into black seed oil and it’s benefits for weight loss, I ran across an impressive study done using black seed oil for allergies and how they used it on patients with hay fever and seasonal allergic rhinitis.  According to a study published on, titled:

“Evaluation of topical black seed oil in the treatment of allergic rhinitis”

Alsamarai AMAbdulsatar MAhmed Alobaidi AH1.

“A total of 68 patients with AR were included in the study, of them 19 patients were with mild symptoms, 28 patients were with moderate symptoms and 21 patients were with severe symptoms. Each group was subdivided into active and control subgroups. To prove that the patient’s symptoms were allergic in nature, skin test was performed for all patients. Any individual with negative skin test was excluded. The individuals in the active group received N. sativa oil and the control group individuals received ordinary food oil in the form of nasal drops for 6 weeks.”

“After the 6 weeks treatment course, 100% of the patients in the mild active group became symptoms free; while in moderate active group 68.7% became symptoms free and 25% were improved; while in severe active group 58.3% became symptoms free and 25% were improved. In addition, 92.1% of total patients in the active group demonstrated improvement in their symptoms or were symptoms free, while the corresponding value was 30.1% in the control group (P=0.000). At the end of 6 weeks of treatment with topical use, the improvement in tolerability of allergen exposure in active group became 55.2% which was significant (P=0.006) as compared with control group which was accounted for 20% at the same time.”

According to this study, the topical application of black seed oil was very effective in the treatment of allergic rhinitis and with minimal side effects. The success of this study along with the fact it was a natural remedy with no side effects really convinced me to try black seed oil for an allergy remedy for my son.


How Does Black Seed Oil Work to Help Allergies?

You might be wonder why black seed oil worked so well for allergies, and so did I. Black seed oil has been used for its healing and medicinal properties for thousands of years, and is one of the most studied natural remedies.  From the many studies that have been done on black seed oil it has shown that the oil effects our immune systems up-regulating and down-regulating components. The anti-inflammatory properties that black seed oil possess, is what is believed to have helped reduce nasal congestion and the severity of symptoms in allergy sufferers. Black seed oil can also improve our immune response and the anti-histamine effects help reduce the itching that is commonly experienced by allergy sufferers.

After reading the results of the study and understanding how and why black seed oil works so well, using it as a natural therapeutic approach to relieve your allergic symptoms or hay fever would definitely be worth a try.


Where Can I Buy Black Seed Oil?

Want to know where you can buy black seed oil?  It is pretty easy to find online, and if you are an Amazon lover you can always find it on their site. They carry a variety of different brands of black seed oil, Amazing Herbs and Kiva Organic Black Seed Oil being some of the more popular brands of black seed oil that are sold. Vitamin World is also a great site to purchase black seed oil. They also sell the Amazing Herbs Brand Black Seed Oil and offer a 5.00 off coupon available towards anything they sell on their site, which includes black seed oil.

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Amazing Herbs Black Seed Oil:

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  • 100% Pure Cold-Pressed Black Cumin (seed) Oil
  • Half (1/2) to One (1) teaspoon per day, with meals, or as directed by a physician.

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Kiva Organic Black Seed Oil 

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