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PVolve – The Secret Workout Of The Victoria Secret Angels

Have you heard of Pvolve? Well if not I am sure you have seen the Victoria Secret Angels models. Pvolve is a workout program that I just stumbled upon when I was doing my research into best workouts for 2018.  Pvolve was created by Stephen Pasterino who has a 15 year fitness background.  He attended Gray Institute where he focused on human chain biometrics, functional science and manual therapy. P.volve was made popular recently when it was mentioned that it was done by Victoria Secret Angels models to prep for their upcoming shows.

P.volve is a low impact training program that focuses on “prehab” which is to help elongate and shape your muscles and to eliminate bulk. There are many different moves in the P.volve program that are created to open up the hips and activate those hard to reach muscles. What appealed to me was that the program is a different approach to exercise, it blends physical therapy and physical fitness together. I am currently going though physical therapy and it would be so nice if I could get some weight loss benefits and do it at home.

P.volve workouts focus on

  • Elongating and creating lean muscles
  • Eliminates bulk creating shape and definition
  • Low impact anti-pulse training
  • Focus on stretching and opening the hips
  • Hundreds of different moves that activate hard to reach muscles
  • Plus proprietary equipment to get unbelievable results

P.volve Streaming Workouts

Pvolve has an option where you can stream their workout programs. They start with how-to tutorials, and structured workout plans. New workouts are added weekly and you can access the P.volve archived workout library.  On the P.volve website you can track your progress, utilize a calendar to keep you on schedule and take advantage of the motivating workout reminders. You can also try the streaming service FREE for 2 weeks to see how you like it.

P.ball and P.volve DVD

The P.ball is their most popular piece of equipment that is used to get tighter, toned inner thighs and to lift the butt.  It consists of a small PVC ball that is held in place by a cradle and attached to resistance bands. It is attached around each thigh and the P.ball rests on the crotch, where is applies pressure to the harder to activate muscles of the upper glutes and thighs. The P.ball is adjustable and it comes with a pump as well as an extender to create a more comfortable fit for those whose thighs might be larger.  This would totally be me! There is a separate DVD workout that you can purchase in addition to the P.Ball. It comes with a FormPerfect tutorial to help you perform the moves correctly. The workout consists of a 5 minute warm up, 41 minute main program and a 6 minute cool down for a total of 53 minutes. You can purchase the P.ball or Precision Sculpt with the P.ball here or at their website

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