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Ranking the best argan oil of 2018

Argan oil is an all-natural product of the argan tree native to Morocco that can be used as a source of healthy fats and, more commonly, as a moisturizing agent. It’s currently one of the hottest rejuvenating skin, nail, and hair oils, and argan oil found in everything from shampoo to facial moisturizers. But argan […]

Ranking the best black seed oil of 2018

Black seed oil, sometimes also known as black cumin seed oil, is an extract that is taken as a supplement for weight loss, and can also be applied to the skin to help with itching, flaking, and psoriasis. This little-known herbal extract is a powerful antioxidant with a broad range of uses, and if you […]

Ranking the best kombucha of 2018

Kombucha is a beverage made from fermenting green and or black tea using cultures of probiotic bacteria. It can be used to bolster your body’s gut bacteria, leading to a healthier digestive tract. Kombucha has become incredibly popular recently, and as a result, there is a dizzying number of products on the market to choose […]

Ranking the best MSM supplements of 2018

MSM, short for methylsulfonylmethane, is a compound that many people take as a supplement for joint pain and inflammation. Though it was originally used as an injury liniment for racing horses, it’s gained wide popularity as a supplement for humans, too. This small, sulfur-containing molecule is highly permeable inside the body, and scientific research suggests […]

Turmeric Forskolin For Weight Loss

What is the one thing that most people at sometime in their lives struggle with? That would be weight loss! Trying to lose weight can be a very difficult thing for people to do. It takes a big commitment on their part and a true desire to want to change their lifestyle for the better. […]

Ranking the best pea proteins of 2018

Pea protein powder is a highly pure, vegan-friendly source of protein derived from peas that can help you build muscle, gain strength, and drop fat. If you are looking to avoid dairy-based proteins like whey and casein, pea protein is one of your best alternatives. It’s highly concentrated, and it has a robust, well-rounded amino […]

Black Seed Oil for Allergies – A Natural Solution for Allergy Symptoms

Black Seed Oil For Allergies – The Curse Of Allergies and Hay Fever Since moving to Texas my family and I have suffered with horrible allergies! My poor son gets so miserable, it can almost be hard to look at him as he is constantly itching his eyes. When his symptoms get bad it can even […]

Oregano benefits and side effects

Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is a popular culinary spice used in the Mediterranean diet that is also known for its high antioxidant content. It has traditionally been used to treat gastrointestinal issues and to alleviate pain and inflammation associated with rheumatism, toothache and earache. Early studies show it may help fight bacteria, reduce the growth of […]

Ranking the best DHEA of 2018

DHEA, short for dehydroepiandrosterone, is a male sex hormone that’s a precursor to testosterone. It’s taken in supplemental form to increase sex drive, improve sports performance, and fight sexual dysfunction. As one of the few androgens you can buy over the counter, it’s both popular and powerful thanks to these broad areas of use. If […]

Ranking the best carb blockers of 2018

A carb blocker is a supplement that slows down or prevents the absorption of carbohydrates into your body. Given the rising tide of evidence suggesting that carbohydrates have a particularly harmful effect when it comes to weight gain and the metabolic problems that come along with it, carb blockers are becoming increasingly popular among people […]