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One Of My Favorite Full Body Workouts

Boxing: Your New Favorite Workout

Drop App Review – Yes It Actually Works!

UPDATE: I am posting a screenshot of my account (sorry its a little blurry) to show you that this FREE app really does work! I have earned almost 6000 points for doing NOTHING! I can redeem this for a $5 gift card to various merchants or keep saving for a bigger reward!!  Get 1000 free […]

Stability Ball Prone Walkout

    Target Body Part: Abs,Back Primary Muscles: Erector Spinae,Obliques,Rectus Abdominus (abs),Transverse Abdominus Exercise Level: Intermediate Equipment Needed: Stability Ball Step 1 Starting Position: Lie prone (on your stomach) over the top of a properly-inflat… Go to Source Author:

Stability Ball Knee Tucks

Target Body Part: Abs,Legs – Calves and ShinsPrimary Muscles: Obliques,Quadriceps (quads),Rectus Abdominus (abs),Transverse AbdominusExercise Level: AdvancedEquipment Needed: Stability Ball Step 1 Starting Position: Lie prone (on your stomach) over the top of a properly-inflat… Go to Source Author:


Target Body Part: Back,Butt/Hips,ShouldersPrimary Muscles: Anterior and Medial Deltoids (delts),Erector Spinae,Gluteus Maximus (glutes),Trapezius (Traps)Exercise Level: BeginnerEquipment Needed: No Equipment Step 1 Starting Position: Lie prone (on your stomach) on a mat with your legs extended,… Go to Source Author:

Fun In The Sun – My Labor Day Must Haves

This this labor day weekend we are heading to the lake to enjoy some fun in the sun with the family. As I was packing for our trip and listening to 80’s Super Hits (yes I am old) Ha! I found that I always throw the same 3 things in my suitcase I can’t live […]

A LUST-fully Jasmine Scent by LUSH

I consider myself a pretty low maintenance mom, actually strike that, I am VERY low maintenance! I have no doubt I need to improve in that area of my life and I am sure my would husband agree, but I digress.  Anyway, growing up in Colorado where less is more and the “natural” look is […]

PVolve – The Secret Workout Of The Victoria Secret Angels

Have you heard of Pvolve? Well if not I am sure you have seen the Victoria Secret Angels models. Pvolve is a workout program that I just stumbled upon when I was doing my research into best workouts for 2018.  Pvolve was created by Stephen Pasterino who has a 15 year fitness background.  He attended Gray […]

Home Cardio Exercise Equipment

I don’t know about you but I go through phases with how and where I want to workout. Now that I have 2 kids and over 40 sometimes getting to the gym is more difficult for me and I will opt to workout at home. I did a lot of research and tried numerous at […]