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Will This Help Cure My Bad Snacking Choices?

Click Here! The achilles heel of my weight loss journey would have to be my love of snacks! Yes, I miss the good old day of just being able to snack on whatever, whenever and not worry about the portion size. Not to mention that my snack attack kicks in during the absolute worse time […]

Make Exercise Non-Negotiable

As a society, people are living more sedentary lifestyles than ever before. When I was a child, I would be outside every chance I got. I would be playing sports, hide and seek, or in the woods building a fort. I was doing something active! Those activities are more of a rarity these days. It […]

Kettlebell Training For Women – A Good Full Body Workout Routine

Is kettlebell training for women a good choice for losing weight? The answer to that question is YES!  I am sure most of you have seen a kettlebell, that funny looking round weight with a handle on top?  You might have steered clear of it thinking it was just for the guys or “crossfitters.” What you […]

Speeding Up Metabolism After 40 – Lose Tummy Weight Fast

Exercises That Boost Metabolism My attempt at losing weight since I have turned 40 is not going as well as planned. In my younger years I could just hit the gym hard and slim down pretty quickly, but that is no longer the case. I kept hearing my older friends say “Oh just wait until […]