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Fitness Motivation Tips – 5 Clever Ways To Trick Yourself Into Exercising When You Don’t Want To!

Tired? No motivation? Don’t feel like exercising right now? BUT… you keep looking in the mirror and don’t like what you are seeing? Well, if you are looking for fitness motivation tips to get you up off your butt and start sweating, then this article is for you! However, I’m now going to yell, cuss, […]

Six Workout and Motivation Tips

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced bodybuilder there is a high chance that sometime you will lose interest on what you are doing. In other words, you will lose motivation. Since motivation and setting new goals are very crucial in bodybuilding we want to prevent that. First of all, we have to make […]

How to Stick With a Fitness Routine When You Haven’t Seen Progress Yet

How to Stick With a Fitness Routine When You Haven’t Seen Progress Yet  Lifehacker Full coverage Brought to you by Google News. Read the rest of the article here.

Make Exercise Non-Negotiable

As a society, people are living more sedentary lifestyles than ever before. When I was a child, I would be outside every chance I got. I would be playing sports, hide and seek, or in the woods building a fort. I was doing something active! Those activities are more of a rarity these days. It […]

Get Rid of Fitness Procrastination Once and for All

Procrastination has been a problem for just about everyone. “It’s too late—I’ll just do it tomorrow”, or “I’m not ready, and I’ll run out of time”, are just reasons we give ourselves not to do things. The problem is that this attitude can get in the way of achieving our fitness goalsand hold us back […]

Fitness Accountability: How to Almost Guarantee Success in a Fitness Program

How many times have you made a resolution to yourself, whether it be January 1st or March 14th, saying, “This is it, I’m ready to make a change.” Whether you’ve chosen to start eating right, getting in some exercise, or even quitting smoking – any major change is difficult to do without the accountability of […]