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Why you need to gain weight to lose it

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Why Exercise Could Actually Be Making You Fat

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Healthy beef nachos that won’t ruin your summer bod goals

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How many calories are in a banana?

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This high protein, anti-inflammatory dahl will help beat the bloat

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Why low-carb diets could be sabotaging your weight loss

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These F45-approved low cal protein balls will make Monday better

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Red Wine Benefits And Side Effects

Drinking red wine in moderation can bring certain health benefits, such as lowering the risk of developing heart disease; the trick can be respecting that fine line between moderation and excessive use. Some authorities believe having a glass of red wine daily is both valuable and helpful, while others take the position that it’s overrated. […]

Kudzu benefits and side effects

Kudzu (Pueraria Lobata) is a Traditional Chinese Medicine that is primarily taken to help treat menopausal symptoms and the effects of a hangover. Research is underway to evaluate this plant’s ability to treat these conditions as well as others. Benefits Kudzu may help treat some adverse health consequences of menopause. Kudzu has long been used […]

Pramiracetam benefits and side effects

Pramiracetam is a drug belonging to the racetam family of cognitive enhancers that is taken to improve long-term memory formation and to boost brain function. Benefits Pramiracetam is synthesized from piracetam — the original racetam that is known to have anti-amnesiac potential in rats. In comparison to other racetams, pramiracetam has not been well researched […]