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About Me

Hello, my name is Christine and welcome to my blog. I am a mother to 2 of the best children you could ask for, I love them with all my heart, and wife of a very patient Army helicopter and fixed wing pilot. You maybe wondering why I named it Seal Team Squish. Well as you can see it is a play on words, but the squish came from my husband. Once we reached 40 is was a joke between us that we feel old and “squishy”, so I decided to incorporate that into my blog name, and Seal Team Squish was born.

I don’t know about you but once I reached 40 I’m pretty sure my metabolism decided to take a vacation. Now I was not one of the lucky ones born with a great metabolism, I could just look at a donut and gain 10 lb, I love donuts BTW. Nope, I have always had to work hard just to look somewhat decent, which was always very frustrating for me. Fast forward to today and now I am dealing with my 40 year old metabolism and ACL surgery which was the perfect storm for weight gain. Yes, it has been depressing and yes, many days I have cried, but then there comes a time where you need to man up and get your butt moving again.

The challenges I have faced are finding workout programs and at home exercise equipment that I can to with my healing ACL. I used to run, was never good at it, but still tried none the less. I also really enjoyed my bootcamp classes, spinning and my Beachbody Insanity workouts, but all of these are a no go for me right now. I needed to find something that I can do and get that same workout high that I used to get.

I have also started researching foods to eat to speed up your metabolism after 40. As well as different diet plans where I can eat healthy and actually continue it long term. So many diets that I have done in the past were effective but the were never something that I could stick with and eventually the weight would come back. I needed a complete overhaul with my eating habits. So much time was spent researching all of this that I decided to create a blog and put it all in one spot hoping it could help others searching for a healthier lifestyle, especially those over 40. I am wanting to provide you with health tips, workouts, product reviews so you can reach you goals, this is a work in progress so please bear with me. On a side note I am also an Advocare distributor, I signed up because I really love there Rehydrate and Spark products, if you are interested in any Advocare products or have any questions feel free to email me anytime at or my Advocare website at